Hello. I'm Milutin Alexander. This is my project, "Is all: Free Image Hosting and photos" and my main site is here: http://ofru.ru. There you can help me. I'm a disabled child with cerebral palsy.

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Usage rules of image storing service

1. Using this service indicates your full acceptance of these Rules. If you do not agree with the terms, you must not use the service.


2. The service is provided «as is», without warranty of any kind, express or implied.


3. The service is designed for easy and rapid publication of graphic files in Internet.


4. It is forbidden to use the service to publish pornography, rape, images, anti-state, images that violate a person's right to privacy, images, publication of which in one way or another against the laws of the Russian Federation and morality.


5. To ensure compliance with the rules of service and fast deleting of images that are not in the service rules, all images are checked by moderator service. Images are immediately available after uploading, regardless, if they were checked by a moderator or not.


6. Images, contrary to these Rules are removed as they are detected.


7. The administrator reserves the right to remove any image without warning. Also, to prohibit using of the service at specific sites.


8. The administrator is not responsible for contents of the images (files).


9. Details about the user (e.g. IP address), uploaded the image to the service is not publicly available, but are stored and available to the administrator of the service, and may be issued to the relevant authorities on the official request, if there are serious assumptions that violated the terms of the service.


10. Rights to content belong to their owners.


11. Images uploaded to this service are publicly available. But to see a specific image may only those who knows the image code. However, it is not recommended to upload to this service images with confidential information (for example, scans of secret documents), because the image code can be selected with third parties.


12. On site of service there are different links (advertising and other). The service administrator assumes no responsibility for the content of Internet resources (web sites, of these links, because they're not controlled by me, it's third-party resources.