Hello. I'm Milutin Alexander. This is my project, "Is all: Free Image Hosting and photos" and my main site is here: http://ofru.ru. There you can help me. I'm a disabled child with cerebral palsy.

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Questions and Answers

Images in which formats allowed to upload to server? What is the maximum size allowed files?


- This is written on the main page of the service, next to the file upload form.


How long images are stored on server?


- Images are stored as long as they are used.  If an image has never been requested for more than 30 days, it is automatically deleted. If we assume  after 29 days, the image was viewed on the service website at least once, the storage period is automatically extended by 30 days.


How to delete uploaded picture from server?


- enough to remove link to it from the forums (or other places of publication) so that it does not exist calls, and after the maximum expiration date, it will automatically deleted.


How to use Yandex music on this site?


First, find your song at https://music.yandex.com/, then click on the icon (look at picture), and on the panel, click on the “Copy Link” button. And paste it into the “Music from Yandex” field before uploading the image

If the content image file is contrary to the rules of this service, or by other important reasons must be urgently removed, you can send a removal request specific file to the service administrator.